Season Record
Won – 73
Lost –  17
Draw – 5

Tries Scored: 468
Tries Conceded: 145

 Season Summary
Jan van Burg Toernooi Winners at The Hookers RC – October 2016
Bondsdag Competition Winners at Octopus RC – November 2016
District Championship Runner-up at HRC RC – March 2017
Bondsdag Competition Winners at Bulldogs RC – March 2017
Pre-Paas Toernooi Runner-up at Etter-Leur RC – April 2017
Nationals (NK) – Third place at Delft RC – May 2017
Dukes Jeugdtoernooi – Third place at The Dukes RC – June 2017

Most Improved Player (Year 1) – David Ekstrand


Player of the Season (Year 1) – Jacob Rauch


Most Improved Player (Year 2) – Atlanta-Nicole Jobson


Player of the Season (Year 2) – Lachlan McCoy


Player of the Season Runner-up (Year 1) – Joseph Harris


Player of the Season Runner-up (Year 2) – Camille Velin


Player’s Player of the Season (Year 1) – Jamie Charlton


Player’s Player of the season (Year 2) – Camille Velin


Player’s Player of the Season (Mini’s) – William Latta


Most Creative Player – Alexander Constable


Best Back – Joshua Bessant


Best Tackler – Joaquin Vercelli Navas


Rookie of the Year – Charles Clements


Prospect of the Year – Sebastian Flynn

Roper Training Awards
Alexander Constable
Atlanta-Nicole Jobson
Camille Velin
Daniel Joyce
Henry Beazley
Jacob Rauch
Jamie Charlton
Joaquin Vercelli Navas
Louis Grimaud
William Latta

Team Manager
Kathrin Reininghaus

Andrew Constable
Daran Charlton (HC)
Manuel Poupen
Pablo Vercelli
Scott Joyce
Wayne Beazley

Match Reports and Team Photographer 
Ian Jewitt