BSN Turvens got off to a great start at the District Championships with victories over Hague, Rotterdam and Delft, which put BSN top of the group.  In the knock out stages BSN first played the other Delft team and came agonizingly close, but with two BSN trys disallowed in the last minutes of the game, Delft won 7-5.  Why on earth would you make a Turvens pitch with a painted white line 1 metre in front of a try-line made of a few cones!  Particularly when the other referees played the white line….  small margins…. everyone was gutted.

The Turvens then played DIOK for 3rd/4th place.  DIOK were down to 6 players and the referee enforced 6 against 6, which made it more of a challenge for the BSN defense with DIOK’s star player being abolutely rocket-ship fast!  Even so, BSN looked like they were going to take the match right up until the last minute, but a foot in touch followed moments later by a disallowed try (one step too many after the tag) meant that DIOK won 7-6….. small margins.

After the disappointment of the knock-out stages faded, the team could reflect on a excellent 4th place out of the 17 teams in the tournament.  Special mention to Bobby and Max who were joint leading try scorers with 6 each.  Also to Marcos and Zachary, who kept going strong all afternoon, despite being on the receiving end of a lot of physical contact, especially considering this is tag rugby.  Great moment when Marcos was powering up the pitch literally with two players hanging off his shirt!


BSN bt HRC2 7-4

Trys for BSN: Bobby (3), Axel, Luke, Matthew and Max

Joseph and Kavin in support for Axel

Just ugly.  Tag rugby?!


BSN bt RRC1 5-4

Trys for BSN:  Luke (2), Henry, Kavin and Max.  Great tagging, especially by Axel!

Zachary going through the middle

Luke en-route to the line with Kavin in support.

Luke over the line

BSN bt Delft2 10-6

Trys for BSN: Bobby (2), Axel, Henry, Luke, Mats, Matthew, Max, Shepherd and Trym.  Also important double tags from Axel and Mats.


Delft1 bt BSN 7-5 (Semi Final)

Trys for BSN: Henry (2), Bobby, Matthew and Max.  Good work by Matthew on the loose ball.


DIOK bt BSN 7-6 (3rd/4th place)

Trys for BSN: Max (2), Luke, Mats, Matthew and Shepherd

No stopping Shepherd!

Matthew heading for the line

Mats running in to trouble.  Henry and Trym in support.

Bobby diving over against DIOK.  Henry and Matthew in support.

Max adding another one to his tally for the day

Mats speeding down the wing.  Impartial eyes on the touch line say its good…. referee calls foot in touch.

Moments later no foot in touch for Trym, but too many steps after the tag.  Surely not say the crowd!