In the last regular match day of the season, BSN were in action at HRC against HRC, Hookers and DIOK.  The BSN Turvens were awesome in defense, with lots of double tags and 5-tag turnovers. This great denfense, combined with lightning speed in attack, saw them record wins in all three games.  All 9 of the BSN players were on the scoresheet.  Great play by Bobby, Joseph, Luke, Mats, Matthew, Max, Sammy, Shepherd and Zachary!

BSN bt HRC 8-6

BSN bt Hookers 12-6

BSN bt DIOK 8-6

Trys for BSN scored by: Bobby (6), Max (6), Luke (4), Mats (4), Matthew (2), Sammy (2), Zachary (2), Joseph and Shepherd.

For the second time this year, Matthew scored a try from an audacious interception at the restart, this time against Hookers.  Video evidence confirmed the interception was good and the try was awarded!


Matthew Interception