As the first frost of the season melted away in the bright autumn sunshine, the BSN Benjis ran out at Delft for the first tournament of the year.  Twenty BSN Benjis players were available for the tournament playing in two balanced teams.  BSN1 put together some great play in the group stages (2 wins and 1 loss), to secure a place in the top tier semi final.  They lost in the semi to HRC and also in 3rd place play off to Rotterdam, so took the trophy for 4th place overall.  BSN2 had a poor group stage with 3 losses, but after a sandwich and some “getting angry training” they won their semi and final (both against Delft teams) in some style, which put them 9th overall!

We all missed Thom this week – get well soon!  Thanks to Ethan for the snacks!


BSN1:  Lars, Luke, Meng Meng, Bob, Ethan, Axel, Oliver, Trym, Diego & Jonathan

BSN1 bt Dukes1  4 – 3

Trys for BSN: Lars (2) & Diego (2)

Delft3 bt BSN1   5 – 3

Trys for BSN: Lars (2), Diego & Luke

BSN1 bt RRC2    6 – 2

Trys for BSN: Jonathan (2), Luke (2), Lars & Trym

HRC1 bt BSN1    5 – 1

Trys for BSN: Lars

RRC1 bt BSN1    4 – 0


BSN2: Santi, Joseph, Jacob, Iggy, Alexander, Lukas, William, Bence, Harry & Matthew

Sparta bt BSN2   4 – 3

Trys for BSN: Alexander (2) & Santi

Delft2 bt BSN2    7 – 2

Trys for BSN: Alexander & Iggy

HRC1 bt BSN2   3 – 0

BSN2 bt Delft2   6 – 1

Trys for BSN: Jacob (2), Joseph (2) & Santi (2)  ??? TBC

BSN2 bt Delft1  5 – 0

Trys for BSN: Jacob, Joseph (2) & Santi (2)   ??? TBC