The BSN Cubs started and ended well, but found the middle of the game tough against Amstelveen RC, who scored five tries in a dominant twenty minute spell. The game ended 15-41 to the visitors, but BSN were on top at the end, scoring twice in the closing ten minutes.

Amstelveen were fired up from the start and the first five minutes were played in BSN’s half, until the visitors found a gap, getting the ball wide, to score into the corner.

There was a good response from BSN. Amstelveen were penalised for offside. Jacob and Cammy  were making straight runs and punching through the defensive line, before getting ball wide to the right for Lachlan to level the score at 5-5.

For the next ten minutes, the game was in the middle, with strong tackling from both sides, leading to knock-ons. Amstelveen started to dominate the scrum and control possession. They crept towards the BSN line. Under pressure, BSN turned over the ball and kicked out. BSN had the put-in at a scrum, after a knock-on at an Amstelveen line out, but the visitors won the ball in the scrum and scored into the corner.

BSN were struggling, missing tackles, and Amstelveen were playing with confidence, sensing their advantage. They made ground to run through for the try and convert.

A covering tackle by Cammy brought down Amstelveen’s tall number 35, but the visitors backs were first to the loose ball for an easy score and conversion.

They added one more with the last play of the first half to take the game from 5-5 midway through the first half to 5-29 at the break.

And Amstelveen added to the score at the start of the second half. BSN were not properly set up at the start and knocked on. The visitors made ground. BSN stopped a break with a great tackle, but were penalised for not rolling away in the ruck. They defended the penalty charge, but the ball was recycled and Amstelveen scored under the posts.

Play was breaking up. BSN had a good chance, but knocked on near the Amstelveen try line. The game was characterised by knock ons, scrums and kicking until Amstelveen managed to break through and score to take the score to 5-41.

From the restart, BSN put the visitors under pressure. Lachlan picked up the loose ball in a dangerous position. Jacob and Lachlan were doing the damage and Lachlan scored in the corner.

BSN were fighting hard at the end. Cammy and Lachlan were making strong runs, and William scored into the corner after the ball went left. The match ended 15-41.