The Benjis were in action at HRC for the second match of 2019.  Eighteen players were available for match day, and in cold frosty conditions, the BSN teams played their best rugby of the season to record 6 wins out of 6!

BSN A bt HRC A  11 – 3

Trys for BSN:  Daniel (4), Jonathan (3), Lars (2) & Lukas (2)

The rematch from last week and BSN were up for this right from the get-go…..     Joseph, Jonathan, Lars and Meng Meng were driving through HRC at every opportunity.  After a phase or two from the forwards, Daniel and Lukas were bringing their slippery speed from the wings.  Harry, Matthew, Max and William all made important contributions at the ruck and with ball in hand going forward.  This was hands-down the most complete performance from BSN Benjis this season against the toughest team we have in the area.  Simply a pleasure to watch!

BSN A bt Voorburg  9 – 3

Trys for BSN: Daniel (4), Jonathan (2), Matthew (2) and Lukas

Matthew was popping up all over the field, stealing the ball to get 2 early trys.  Great speed again from Lukas and Daniel, and brilliant try saving tackles saw BSN finish the first half with a 5-0 lead.  For the second match in a row Joseph was not on the scoreboard, but he was the engine of the attack, with his powerful low down stance, driving the ball forward, daring anyone to try and stop him!  He also didn’t miss a tackle all morning!


BSN A bt HRC B  15 – 7

Trys for BSN: Lukas (3), Max (3), Daniel (2), Harry (2), Jonathan (2), Matthew (2), and Joseph

A relatively close first half, that shows the difference a missed tackle here and there can make.    Harry scored the try of the day when Jonathan and Joseph both drove 10 metres through HRC before Harry ran a beautiful diagonal line that had HRC completely flummoxed.  Max was running with great purpose to score his 3 trys, and Daniel and Lukas just couldn’t help themselves when they had the chance to run!  Daniel picked up 10 of  BSN A’s 35 trys from the morning.

Fitness and strong committment from BSN saw them see out the second half in style scoring 8 trys to HRC’s 2.



BSN B bt Sparta / Hermes   7 – 3

Trys for BSN: Axel, Bob, Bence, Iggi, Jacob, Lars and Santiago

Trys for Sparta (selected): Diego (2)

Diego scored twice for Sparta. Ok line, good tackling from all of the team. Good running.

BSN B bt HRC A                     5 -4

Trys for BSN: Bob, Diego (2), Lars & Santiago

Fantastic victory! We won a real battle because we didn’t give up and tried everything. We started without Diego as he was playing for Sparta again who pretended not to hear us calling him at half time. He came on and made a big difference. We tackled, ran, did the special move at the end for the winning try, there were try saving tackles from everyone especially Santiago and Iggi.  Getting trys was not simple against quality opposition.  They were hard fought for and those precious trys needed speed and talent. The ref gave them about 10 mins extra to score, but in that period we played even better. HRC left the pitch with dignity, but knew they were beaten by a BSN team that wanted to win more.  Every player played their best and there were no weaknesses in the team. 

BSN B bt Sparta / Hermes   8 – 4

Trys for BSN: Diego (2), Oliver (2), Bence, Bob, Iggi and Nicholas

Great forward work from Bence and Nicolas. Great running from Jacob, Iggi, Santiago, Diego, Axel and Lars.  Great defence from Santiago, Oliver, Axel and the whole team. Good ball play from Oliver, Santiago, Iggi and Bob. Nicholas had a good all round game with good forward work and defence. Nice to see so many volunteers to play for Sparta. Great character and made some friends.

Not quite seasonal anymore, but after a frosty morning, driving home this seemed appropriate:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the trys were so delightful!

At every place that we go: tackle low, tackle low, tackle low!