A team of 7 Turvens, 11 Benjis and 13 Minis made the trip to the Sportcampus Zuiderpark for some fantastic sessions of beach rugby which ended up in victory for both the Turvens and the Benjis. The Minis also did a great job by achieving the semi-final.

Flying Turvens

Our Turvens got the job done really well and had a fantastic time. The boys liked playing in the sand and they enjoyed flying over the opponent try line and ground the ball like champions. The team’s hard work during training paid off with an extremely solid line in defense which did not leave any space for both Hookers and HRC3 to score a single try.

We entered the semi-final against VRC1; both teams were very solid, but we again made the difference (3-1) by getting back quicker in position in defense and by working in pairs close to where the action was. Then, what we all wished for finally happened, the team entered the final! We all came here to have a good time and fun but of course the energy got a level further up when the boys were playing their first final with their friends, parents watching and making a lot of noise (big thanks to them) and their older friends from the Benjis, sitting on the side of the pitch shouting “Go BSN Go”!!

Down on the pitch it was a great experience. The boys stayed focus, united and played a fantastic and clean final against HRC2 with an excellent demonstration of team spirit through strong ball support and vision of the game to find the empty spaces, with a great final score: BSN (6) HRC2 (4)!

Power Benjis

Each game in the group stages had the Benjis playing on the front foot, with speed and aggression combined with a fantastic defence resulting in scores of 13-0 versus Hookers, 11-2 versus Te Werve and 15-0 versus Voorburg. A semi final victory followed versus HRC, this time winning convincingly 15-3. The Benjis’ final versus DIOK was a hard fought match although BSN eventually ran away with the fantastic score of 7-1!

Whilst there was no trophy at the end, the BSN Benjis can be proud of how quickly they mastered the beach rules and deserved all the success that came their way.

Super Minis

The Minis won their games against WRC Te Werve, Voorburg RC and RC Hermes and therefore reached the semi-final against HRC. The boys were leading 3-0 in the first half, but in the end HRC took the win. Although they did not go home with the victory, they have delivered a very good performance and of course have experienced a very nice day of beach rugby.

North Sea Beach Rugby

North Sea Beach Rugby is a national and international rugby event that takes place on the beach of Scheveningen in the summer. The indoor Beach Rugby event in The Hague last weekend gave us the opportunity to enjoy a day of beach rugby before the winter holidays.


  1. Ian Sandford on December 9, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    What great day showing the strength in the club. We’ll done boys for providing a lovely day out for the parents.

  2. Sofia B on December 9, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    Well done BSN!! Clearly all your practice pays off. Thanks specially to the great coaches who give their time to teach our boys rain or shine!!

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