Wassenaar Warriors International Rugby Club is participating in the election of the Dutch Club van het Jaar 2021! You can vote for our club until May 24th.

The election has been organized by Rabobank, along with, among others NOC*NSF and AD.nl.

Why Club van het Jaar?

We are proud of the resilience our club has shown over the past year. The corona situation forced us to make impactful choices: leave our permanent and great accommodation where we were based for years (The British School) to ensure that our kids could continue to play rugby. We also changed our name from BSN Rugby Club to Wassenaar Warriors and ultimately our identity (new logo and kit). Major changes, which ultimately turned out to be very positive. We are now located at another great location, multisport association SV Wassenaar, and together we are building a bright future in which we want to introduce even more children to rugby.

Vote now

Please vote before May 24 using this link: https://www.clubvanhetjaar.nl/-sportclub-wassenaar-1.

The election

The municipal (gemeente) and provincial (provinciale) winners will be announced on May 26th. The municipal winners are determined on the basis of the most votes. Clubs need at least fifty votes to be eligible for the title of municipal winner. Wildcards are also awarded to associations with the best motivation. This involves demonstrated resilience and cool initiatives that have been undertaken in the past year. The jury then selects the provincial winner from the top five per province, based on the number of votes. Ultimately, in June, a professional jury will choose which sports club and culture association can call themselves Club van het Jaar.


In addition to the great title Club van het Jaar 2021, we can win a masterclass, a professional promo video from our club and we get a lot of media attention from local, regional and national media!

More information

You can read more about the Club van het Jaar verkiezing here.

Questions about our participation in this election? Please contact Linda Gerrits using this mail address wwirc.marketing@gmail.com.

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