On Saturday June 26, 2021, our club had the End of Season Ceremony. Luckily, on the exact same day, Covid-19 relaxations applied. Hence, all the parents came back on site!

First, we had a fun training session. With the cheers from parents and siblings, our Warriors were braver than ever. Then, our coaches received nice gifts from the club and Team Turvens. They worked very hard for the whole season and kept the training going even during Christmas and New year. Thank you very much! Next, it was every Warrior’s favorite: Trophy ceremony!! All the Warriors took their well deserved trophies from the coaches, with big and proud smiles on their little faces. Well done Turvens Warriors!! Finally, the Warrior families had the chance to do some socializing while maintaining 1.5 m distance. Some coaches and parents even had a friendly touch rugby game. This season ended on a high note!

Last but not least, thank you Wassenaar Warrior International Club (BSN Rugby Club at the beginning of the season) for all the efforts to ensure the Warriors could have a nice season; thank you all the coaches and volunteers for your hard work all year long; thank you our lovely parents for your understanding and supporting during this special time; big thank you goes to our warriors, you did an amazing job. We are all so so proud of you!

That is it for Season 2020-2021. We give all the best to the families that have to move away. And we wish everybody a lovely restful and healthy summer holiday! See you in September!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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