Turvens brought a big team to RC Diok Leiden on Saturday, September 25th. It was Turvens’ first time in Diok in 3 seasons. We had 32 players. 13 of 32 have played with us in the previous season. 19 players were first year Turvens. Some of them even had never played in any games before. It was a challenging situation. But our main purpose was that all the players could have fun. And they did! The results were good as well, 8 wins out of 9.

  • Team I: 6:5, 6:2, 5:4
  • Team II: 3:6, 9:2, 10:6
  • Team III: 6:2, 6:0, 6:0

Coach Cedric was very satisfied with his team’s performance. Based on the number of tags / double tags were pulled. Team III clearly did an excellent job on both offense and defense. He said: “Amazing games! Real team spirit. Some of the 1st year performed great and made a lot of progress. They become more confident and we see that they have more and more fun. We ended up with a rugby touch in Wassenaar and we could see that the Turvens coaches were in pretty good shape.”

It was also Coach Andy’s first district game. He was happy about his team’s performance: “Team 1 was a good mix of 2nd year and 1st year Turvens, and they came together to record 3 out of 3 wins. Strong performances from the team saw 17 tries ran in, with players connecting well in open play, linking passes and putting each other in space. With everyone of the 12 players getting game time, the team grew stronger through the morning. An excellent performance from the more experienced players and those running out for their first time.”

Team 2 has lost for the first time. Coach Bertrand commented: “Today was a tough day for team 2 with a first defeat against a very strong Diok team. But after a re-motivating break our Warriors played much better and ended up with 2 victories. We had the pleasure to welcome Serena for her first matches where she supported the team very well. Congrats to all our Warriors.”

As Coach Bertrand mentioned, we have one more female player who graduated from Gruppe (former Tags) and joined Turvens this season. The total number of female players is 4 now. We have never had these many girls in Turvens before. Our girl Warriors are just as fierce as the boys! It is wonderful to see more and more girls joining us and we hope this trend will continue.

After the games in Leiden, some of the Turvens’ families went back to Wassenaar for a picnic with Benjis’ families. Many coaches and managers participated into a mom & dad touch rugby friendly. It marked a perfect ending of a Rugby Saturday.

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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