Welcome (back) Warriors! Welcome (back) parents!

On Saturday January 29th, 2022, Turvens had their first game of the 2022! The Rijksoverheid announced that all outdoor amateur sport activities can take place without restrictions. Thus, Warriors are back along with their parents!

HRC hosted the games and we played against HRC, Hookers and VRC. We had 24 players who formed 3 solid teams. But our opponents were not so lucky: Hookers only had 4 players and HRC had 5. Therefore, some of our Warriors were happy to help out and played in the other teams. They contributed to the excellent results as our opponents. The final results are: 8 wins and 1 draw.

Team I: 8:4; 11:5; 7:2. 43 tags and 2 double tags were pulled.

Coach Cedric: “After a quite slow start our Warriors recovered their good reflex and ability to score. The numbers of tries and Tags have been increasing during the games to eventually make a big difference with our opponents. Some aspects need to be worked on like offside and repositioning but as usual a very good team spirit with some first try for a couple of our Warriors today. Some of them also ran faster than the strong wind of today. In one word they are becoming ready for the 6 nations tournament!”

Team II: 5:5; 11:4; 10:4. 48 tags and 4 double tags were pulled.

Coach Andy: “A slow start saw WWB draw with a depleted Hookers team. Unfortunately, the Hookers borrowed some Wassenaar Warriors, with Jean starring for them and stealing loads of WWB tags. Down 4-2 after the first half WWB rallied to bring the final score at 5-5. An improved WWB team came out to face Voorburg 3 and systematically worked around, through and over them gaining a tremendous victory 11-4 with a massive 7 tries grounded by Charles. Following a 30 minute break in cold winds, a tired team met Voorburg 1 in their final game of the morning. A shaky start saw a few mistakes creep into the team as players shrugged off the damp, cold air, warmed their digits and could again start to feel the ridges and crevices on that wonderful three dimensional ovoid. Gripped on to the ball and gripped with new found energy, the team generated new and frequent opportunities to storm the try line. Repeating the mercurial feat 10 times to emerge victors in this wonderful game called Rugby. A draw and two wins for this Turvens team, which is impressive following a number of weeks out.”

Team III: 5:1; 9:2; 11:8. 46 tags were pulled.

Coach Bertrand: “Today was great as matches restarted after a long stop. Although Covid disorganised some opponent teams, we still had the chance to play 3 games. After sharing some players to Hookers, we defeated them even though they had a strong and well organised team. The second match was against Voorburg. It was quite equilibrated but we still won again. The last match was against another Voorburg team again. We had the pleasure to welcome Zhanhe and to see Victor’s first try. Well done all Warriors!”

Congratulations Warriors and coaches! What a nice re-start despite the extremely strong wind! It was also very nice to see our parents in the field again. Thank you very much for your support! Other clubs shared this pleasant feeling as well. Both adults and children had big smiles on their faces. This is what we want to see (and missed for weeks) on Saturday morning!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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