Due to different holiday schedules from various schools, we had fewer players during the whole April & May. There were some sad moments, angry feelings, but mostly happy experiences. Our Warriors successfully finished all the district matches for Season 2021-2022. Congratulations!

April 9, 2022

Our Turvens sent two teams to HRC and play against two teams from HRC and 3 teams from RRC. There was an emotional moment after the games. Because it was Coach Cedric’s last game day. Coach Cedric has been a coach in our club since Nov 2018. He was one of the most positive and energetic coaches.

He commented: “What a wonderful job and thanks a lot for everything. Thanks to your parents for your trust. Our little Warriors are not little anymore. The All Blacks would prefer to play Golf instead of meeting them. GO Coaches and GO WARRIORS!”.

We will miss you Coach Cedric and the family! Good luck in your new country!

May 14, 2022

After a long spring break, we were able to send 3 teams again. However, we only had 19 Warriors in total which means only 1 sub available. This time we played in Voorburg with 3 teams from VR-C, 3 teams from Delft and 2 teams from Gouda. We know VR-C and Gouda pretty well. However, it was the first time and last time to meet Delft in this season. It was a hot day. Our Warriors absolutely gave their best against all the obstacles from outside. Everybody contributed for the teams and the coaches could not be any prouder!

May 21, 2022

It was the last district game Saturday! We sent 3 teams to HRC again and played against 3 HRC teams, 2 Diok teams and 3 VRC teams. Our Warriors had to play in two different areas with Benjis’ fields in between. Thank you all the parents for supporting us not only this day but through the whole season!

Although we still have a few tournaments in June, it was a wrap for district games this season! Our Warriors spent so many amazing Saturday mornings together with great players from other clubs in the district. Thank you to all the opponents for having fun together and helping us grow. Hope to see all of you in the next season.

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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