On Saturday November 19, our clustered Cubs rugby team consisting of players from Wassenaar Warriors and Voorburgse Rugby Club, kicked off their first match in Wassenaar. The team that officially started only recently played against HRC. It was a very cold morning, but everyone was excited to start this new adventure, both players, staff and parents.

It was the first time on the pitch together, so the first half was a bit uncomfortable, but in the second half the players got better and better used to each other. The Cubs Barbarians will train together every week and their second match will follow soon.

We are very proud of our Warriors and the warm welcome they gave to their new team mates from VR-C!

Cluster Warriors and VR-C

The combined Cubs team of Wassenaar Warriors and VR-C is the second cluster team of these two clubs. Our Juniors have already been playing together with Juniors from VR-C since season 2021-2022. This cluster worked out very well for both clubs, and has continued this current season.

Both Wassenaar Warriors and VR-C also have a first Cubs team. The reason for the cooperation was mainly to give all players the opportunity to play a game every Saturday. Had we not entered into the partnership, this would not have been the case.

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