On the hottest day of the year so far, eleven BSN Benjis travelled to Tilburg for the last tournament of the season.  After a quick warm-up BSN were straight in to action against Breda, who had beaten BSN in the semi final of the nationals.  BSN were taking no prisoners this time and played with impressive intensity to beat Breda 2-0.  Wins followed against DIOK and Tovaal, before beating Amstelveen and Rotterdam in the final stages of the tournament, and having the honour of lifting the winners trophy!

Well done to all the team:  Bence, Bobby, Daniel, Diego, Jonathan, Joseph, Kealan, Lars, Lukas, Matthew and Thom!

BSN bt Breda 2 – 0

Trys for BSN: Thom and Joseph


BSN bt DIOK 3 – 1

Trys for BSN: Lukas (2) and Daniel

BSN bt The Vets by Default 5 – 0

Perhaps The Vets  saw how BSN played against Breda and DIOK and decided to go home?

BSN bt Tovaal 3 – 2

Tovaal were show of player, welldone to Lars and Jonathan for switching sides to play for Tovaal!

Trys for BSN: Lars, Kealan and Lukas

Trys for Tovaal: Jonathan (on loan from BSN)

BSN bt Amstelveen 3 – 1

Trys for BSN: Thom, Kealan and Lukas


BSN bt Rotterdam 4 – 0

Trys for BSN: Thom 3 and Kealan



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