This Saturday the BSN Rugby Turvens played at HRC and set a new record for the group with a 100% win. A few metrics we are very proud to report across the 3 games: 20 tries in total, 70% of the team (group of 9) scored at least once and last but certainly not least, our training sessions start to pay-off. Our defense managed to regain possession of the ball at 5 occasions following 5 successive solid tags tackles, hence avoiding potential 5 tries. This does not come by magic: the players know that as they are building up together a solid line in defense, there will be no space for the opponent.

Being on the pitch with them at the back, I heard them talking to each other about what to do, calling for follow up/support and counting tags tackles while defending and attacking. After just one month playing together and seeing the players smiling faces today, I can tell you that we are on the right track!

Laurent – Head Coach Turvens

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