Our Turvens played again on Saturday November 30th at HRC and as few players were not available, only one team was registered. There is no official team A and team B as for now so everyone is welcome to play on Saturdays. We had 10 players showing up and we rotated with the 10 across the 3 games. Certainly not an easy job for the coaches as all of them want to play with their friends and have a great time on the pitch.

The group did again very well during the 3 games with a 100% win even with new players combinations. The play zone remains too narrow, leaving a lot of empty space where we could make a bigger difference with more and quicker passing. An area we will work during training.

The energy level of this group is very high and the appetite to play impressive. BSN Rugby was 1st on the pitch, ready for a good warm up and for a great morning.

Laurent Minaud – Head Coach Turvens

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