A new enthusiastic group of Turvens has started for the coming season. Yesterday, they had an amazing kick off during practice games hosted by RC Delft. Because of COVID-19, many new measures have been applied. All the players, coaches and parents were very cooperative and provided a safe and friendly environment for the event.

Our Turvens are a young and diversified group; 16 boys and girls from 7 different countries. For the games yesterday, we sent out 2 teams. For most players, this was their very first official rugby game. But because of their hard work during the trainings, they handled the rhythm of the games very well.

We have seen some fierce attacks and solid defense. At the end, our Turvens scored about 35 to 40 tries. In addition, the great teamwork made the friendship among the team even stronger. Head coach Alberic commented on the team’s spirit and how proud he was of these little warriors.

Our Turvens are ready for the coming season and they are hungry for more victories and fun!

Great job, Alexandre, Alex, Alfred, Bertil, Charles, Clément, Ella, Harvey, Henry, Jean, Karim, Leo, Raphaël, Sam, Sisi, and Thomas!

Ying – Team Manager Turvens


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