The first official rugby club in Wassenaar – Wassenaar Warriors International Rugby Club (IRC). The club, formerly known as BSN Rugby Club, has relocated to Wassenaar on September 1.

Departure from the British School in the Netherlands (BSN)

The club has been located at the BSN school in Voorschoten for many years. The club originated from an initiative of a group of teachers and developed over the years into an independent youth rugby club for both international and Dutch players.

The ongoing Covid-19 challenges have created additional restrictions and uncertainty also regarding access to the British School’s facilities. At SV Wassenaar, the club has access to its own pitch, clubhouse and facilities, allowing us to compete and grow as a club independently with our own international identity, whilst maintaining a strong link with the BSN school and other international schools.

A hub of International Rugby culture

The rugby club is a bridge between the Dutch and the expat community and is a growing hub of international rugby culture and values. With a wealth of international rugby experience in youth coaching and team development, Wassenaar Warriors IRC welcomes both international and Dutch players.

Rugby: give it a try!

Training, competitions and other activities take place at multisport association SV Wassenaar. A great location, surrounded by greenery and easily accessible for club members and visitors from The Hague, Voorschoten and Wassenaar. All children from 5 – 18 years are welcome to come and play rugby with us. Do you want give it a try? Take a look at this page.

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