Our Benjis played home for the first time at our new location in Wassenaar against HRC, The Bassets, Sparta-Hermes and Delft. Sixteen courageous players (first time we registered 2 teams) ready to kick off under a heavy rain.

Both teams played really well with a great demonstration of team spirit through close ball carrier support, passing and high fives to team mates after a try. Glad to see the players growing and improving as a group. While the collective effort was very visible, many individual efforts should also be recognized (sharp tackles, ball contest) as it made the difference in difficult situations and it is a good source of inspiration for the others. Too many to name but clearly, efforts in training are paying off!

I would like to also recognize all parents who contributed to make this Saturday morning an even better morning with many delicious home made cakes which were sold as a fundraising for the Club. Well done to all the volunteers and check out the table full of cakes!

Laurent Minaud – Head Coach Benjis

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