The winter is coming. Recently, it has been cold and windy on the pitch. The lowest temperature reached 2 degrees last week. Despite the weather conditions, all the Warriors did great during training. Not a single player came to the coaches to complain. Instead, they had big smiles on their faces and a lot of energy in their bodies!

On December 5th, two special guests visited our club. They were not Sinterklaas and Piet. Much better! Two Netherlands National Rugby Union Team players, Andy Darlington and Hugo Langelaan, joined the training. It was our Warriors’ first time to meet real rugby players. Their eyes were filled with excitement and curiosity. Head Coach Alberic commented: ‘The game (England vs France) we have just watched on TV was nothing compared to what we saw yesterday on the pitch in Wassenaar! A squad of 21 kids all dressed in black and trained with energy till the end of the morning despite freezing cold weather! We had the chance to welcome two players of the Dutch national team for 45 minutes. They arranged some drills. Our players had the opportunity to show what they could do and also learned new things. It was a great gift for the kids, especially for Alfred and Tibor who were celebrating their birthday!’

Additionally, it was bittersweet for Turvens last week. Two of our coaches relocated to other countries due to work reasons. Both of them stayed with the club for many seasons. Their patience and persistence helped the team go through this special time. The whole team would like to say thank you to Coach Vincent and Coach Nicolas! In the meantime, we also have 4 new players joining our team. Welcome! Turvens has 3 training sessions left this year and all the Warriors will continue trying their best to end this year on a strong note!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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