Turvens season 2020-2021 has entered the spring. Because of the pandemic, there are still no games or tournaments for our Warriors. The coaches have tailored the training sessions to the future of the players. In order to have a smooth transition for the next season, the second years Turvens are joining Benjis’ Monday training to learn basic tackle rugby skills and rules. This has happened for more than three months now. All the Turvens players have been practicing and focusing more on technical skills every Thursday night. Rugby Olympics happens every Saturday to keep the Warriors competitive and entertained!

On April 3rd, Turvens had a training session during Easter holiday. Coach Cedric commented: “Great session today! We experimented with red and yellow cards. This is very efficient! Kids have a lot of energy which needs to be focused on technical skills like passing and repositioning. But also, there is team spirit among them and we all enjoyed it a lot!”

Yes. These 29 players have 16 nationalities, are from age 5 to 8, and sometimes cannot understand each other well because of the language barriers. However, these did not stop them developing a strong team spirit. They are teammates, friends, and families. Hopefully they can have some games and tournaments before the end of this season and show everyone our Turvens spirit. Go, Turvens!

Happy Easter!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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