With relaxation of the Corona rules per June 5, allowing competition for players 17 & under,  our Turvens Warriors finally had the chance to play matches again on Saturday June 5! After waiting for 8 months, Wassenaar Warriors International Rugby Club sent out 3 Turvens teams from Season 2020-2021 to Voorburg to play with 3 VR-C teams.

22 of our Turvens had a taste of playing competitive matches again. And the results could not be any better: we won all 9 games! The results are: 10:1, 8:3, 5:4; 8:5, 7:3, 7:4; 10:2, 7:2, 12:2! What a victory! Although the warriors made 74 tries, the outstanding defence is more impressive. For example, Team 2 pulled 63 tags and 2 double tags; Team 1 pulled 47 tags and 11excellent double tags!

Head Coach Alberic commented: “What a great morning!!! Kids and also coaches were so happy to come back on the pitch to play real games. And I must say coaches have been positively surprised by the level of our teams. As coaches, it is rewarding to realise that all what have been repeated and practised over the last 8 months has actually been understood and is being implemented above expectations. It is impressive to see how stimulating a real game is for the kids. Let me share with you a few examples: coming back in position to defend or attack is well done, defending in line is much better, making a pass before you get tagged starts to be understood, etc …. In summary, coaches have been very proud of our teams and of all the progress made.”

Indeed, our strong and brave Turvens warriors were the stars of the day. The coaches and supporting staff cannot be more proud of them. We are also happy that we can get some matches before this special season finishes. Therefore, we would like to thank the district volunteers and all the rugby clubs to make the matches happen again. Last but not least, thanks to our parents for continuous support and understanding!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder

Team Manager Turvens

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