On Saturday June 19, 2021, our Turvens Warriors were back at Hoek van Holland. Because this was the last game day of the season, we brought all our youngest players: three Warriors were born in 2015 and two were born in 2016. We also had five 2nd year Turvens players, this was their last Turvens matches. They treasured every second.

The Warriors had 2 wins and 1 draw against Hookers players (Season 2020-2021). The results are:

  • Warrior 1: 6:2
  • Warrior 2: 7:2
  • Warrior 3: 7:7

Because of the quantity of the teams, we had to play against each other. During those matches, our Warriors were even more aggressive in a positive way. For example, we have observed multiple double tags one after another. They definitely had plenty of fun playing games no matter who the opponent was.

Head Coach Alberic commented: “Great games again on Saturday with a lot of motivation from our Warriors, even when they were playing against each other. We have managed to arrange 3 days of games since the covid steps have been lifted. And we have been very pleased to have many parents around us having the opportunity to see their child playing. I hope you have enjoyed it. We really look forward to seeing you all on the 26th for the last training session and hopefully the BBQ.”

Indeed, during the last three game Saturdays, our parents took turns to watch the Warriors play. We sincerely hope that more parents can have the opportunity on every game day next season.

Ying Zhou-Rameseder

Team Manager Turvens


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