On Saturday June 19th, our Benjis Warriors played their last games of the season at home in Wassenaar against HRC and DIOK. Game time is important for this age group, but this was unfortunately very limited under this season’s circumstances. On this beautiful Saturday morning, all players on the pitch displayed a very happy face and had a really good time together.

We brought 23 players and made 2 teams, again, in the spirit to give players maximum “game time” and rotate when they reach the minimum level to play safely at this age group. With the ease of the COVID restrictions, we managed to play against other clubs during the last 3 Saturdays and it is great to see that every club worked hard its way through the U10 program. The overall level of the players is good, resulting in exciting and good quality rugby. The under 10 age group needs to learn many new skills and it is a significant step to reach for those new to rugby or those coming from Turvens (U8). It was also good to meet again coaches from the other clubs. We all hope to be able to welcome all parents when the new season starts in September.

Our little Warriors are ready and we have seen them really enjoying, in real game situation, applying into practice what they have learned at training during the last 9 months. Kicking is also new but must be now done in a controlled way … Game strategy is also part of the coaching and we can clearly see players communicating more amongst each other and “working” as a group. Fun remains the golden principle but we also see confidence building up with few players really performing well. With game intensity reaching a new level, players understand that many skills are required to be a good player and a group can only deliver a strong performance when it stays united, uses everyone strengths and stands as one. “Trust your partners” and “Be the best player you can be within your team” so everyone feels encouraged to make the extra effort!

Hope to see you soon again at Wassenaar! Enjoy the summer break and take care of yourself Benjis, parents, and anyone else of course!

Cheers – Laurent Minaud

Head Coach Benjis


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