On Saturday October 2nd, 2021, our Turvens played at Gouda against Diok, HRC, VR-C and Gouda. 25 players formed 3 teams and each team played 3 games. Although the schedule was a bit of a trick (Team 3 had to play 3 games without breaks while Team 1 had to wait 1 hour for the next game). The results were excellent again. The Warriors won all the games. The details are as follow:

  • Team I: 7:4, 8:1, 7:3; 51 tags and 7 double tags were pulled.
  • Team II: 9:7, 5:4, 9:1;41 tags and 17 double tags were pulled.
  • Team III: 12:9, 8:3, 8:6; 45 tags and 11 double tags were pulled.

The coaches could not be happier with the results.

Coach Bertrand commented on Team 3: “Today was a great day. Not only because of the warm sun from Gouda but mostly as a results of the performance from our Warriors. They played very well with a lot of motivation and energy. That was a real pleasure. Not talking about the score we had a lot of fun. Thank you Warriors!”

Coach Anri praised Team 1: “Team 1 did fantastic. 2nd year lead by example and were unstoppable. 1st year was way more confident this weekend and you can see the game is slowly starting to soak in. Once they are more confident with the rules I think they will be golden. Attack was great, but defense was even better. Very proud of these little guys and girls.”

Head Coach Gavin summarized the performance of Team 2 and the whole Turvens: “Yet another great day of Rugby from the Warriors elite. All three teams played with fury, passion, and pride. We saw some amazing running and passing, and always someone on the ball carriers shoulder to support. Some excellent tries from first and second years. We are only in week three and it feels like we have been together as a team for many seasons. All of our Warriors deserve a well earned rest and then back to training on Thursday ready for our home debut next Saturday – I can’t wait!”

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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