On Saturday November 13th, 2021, Turvens hosted their second home game. We were very lucky that the weather was sunny and warm. The parents could still watch the games. Everything worked for us. With this happy mood, 26 Warriors formed 3 teams to play against 2 teams from HRC and 2 teams from Diok. They played 10 games in total and won all of them beautifully!

Team I: 14:4, 10:4, 6:3; 54 tags and 10 double tags were pulled.

Coach Anri: “I was so impressed with Team 1 today. The HRC ref motivated them to start passing by telling them they get double the points if they pass before scoring a try and they really took it to heart and kept up for all the games. We also attempted to stay in a line during D which when reminded, they managed to hold up. Lots of tries and tags, and great leadership from 2nd years. I am so proud of our little Warriors.”

Team II: 13:3, 12:7, 10:9, 15:3; 113 tags and 11 double tags were pulled.

Coach Gavin: “Team 2 had a mountain to climb with 4 games back to back on Saturday morning. They rose to the occasion as always and defeated 2 HRC teams before dispatching 2 DIOK teams. All of the hard work is paying off and the coaches are very proud of our warriors. Such great progress this early in the season is just reward for such big efforts of our 2nd and 1st years in training. Well done.”

Team III: 11:4, 6:5, 12:3; 73 tags were pulled (includes double tags).

Coach Bertrand: “Team 3 did very well today with a lot of passing and good tries. Our Warriors have a lot of energy and motivation to play. A special thumb up to Jacques that specialised in double tagging.”

Special thanks to our wonderful parents! Thank you, all volunteers. Your continuous support made sure our home game ran smoothly. However, these games will be the last games that the parents can watch on site for a while due to the new measurements against Covid. Starting next week, our Warriors have to train and play without their moms and dads next to them. It will be a new challenge for our young Turvens Warriors.

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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