On Saturday, March 12, our Minis had a bit of a fantastic day out. A group travelled to the North, to the sunniest city in the Netherlands, Den Helder. There they sure knew how to put on a Rugby day!

With no idea what we would be up against, and only 11 players available, our Mini Warriors absolutely made the most of the opportunity to play against four different teams that we have never met before. We were challenged right from the start and our Minis could tell they were in for some great matches. Their teamwork, spirit, skill allowed them to put on some strong performances.

With games against RC the Hawks, Alkmaarse Rugby UFC, RC Den Helder and the rather tough RC Amsterdam, our Minis managed to score around 26 times! Massive thanks to everyone that helped make this day happen, and a special shout out to our Warrior Kealan, who even though injured and unable to play, made the journey and was brilliant in support. Great Team Spirit Everyone!

Paulie Masters
Team manager / reporter

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