“Remember, remember the 5th of November”, so starts the old English saying that commemorates the gun powder plot that happened on this day many years ago. For the Warriors Cubs, this is now a date to remember as it was on this day that we made it to the top level of Cubs competition with our own big bang!

Heading into this game against t’Gooi, the only difference between the teams was points scored, with the opposition having not conceded in the previous 4 games. This was a straight shoot out between two unbeaten teams.

For unknown reasons, we all arrived some two hours before kick-off. Realising our error, the team set about raiding the club house. Never have so many toasties been eaten by so few!

Eventually we got down to business. For the first ten minutes t’Gooi pinned us in our own 22. With a combination of great passing and running, they made it impossible for us to get control and really piled the pressure on. As all great captains do, Joe steadied the ship and gradually we started to play our game and broke the deadlock with a fine break away try from Daniel who darted down the right wing to score in the corner. 5 nil Warriors. Albert was robbed of the conversion by a tricky wind.

The Warriors stepped up the pressure and shortly after Luke doubled our score with an Inspector Gadget arm extension to dot down between the posts. Albert kicked the conversion. 12 Nil Warriors. We did not let up and kept the scoreboard ticking over with Daniel adding his second to make it 17 nil, Joe making it 22 nil, with a great conversion from Albert making it 24 nil. To round off the scoring Bobby produced a side step that was poetry in motion.

Tiredness and ill-discipline began to creep in with two yellow cards in the final minutes and t’Gooi scored late on to make the final score 31-5, although it is officially recorded as 29-5.

Deservedly, the Warriors won this game which was a very tough challenge. The t’Gooi team are outstanding and gave everything that they had. They were magnanimous in defeat and really deserve to be playing at the highest level as well. For us, the journey continues and will only get tougher as we now face the best in the country on a weekly basis. All Warriors Cubs deserve this step up, and I mean ALL OF THEM, not just those who play every week, but also those that turn up week upon week, pushing to get into the team and pushing everyone to go further. Without the group effort, this would not be possible.

So, rejoice Warriors, you have earned this!

Mac Nicholls
Cubs coach

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