On the 28th of October, our Benjis made their mark at the BRC Brakken Toernooi, a testament to the unwavering spirit of youth rugby. Competing against 16 formidable teams, the journey was a valuable experience, they secured the fourth position.

The BRC Brakken Toernooi was more than just a tournament; it was a school of character and resilience for our Benjis. While they may not have clinched the championship, they gained something even more precious – lessons from both victories and defeats.

In the face of stiff competition, the Warriors learned the art of perseverance and resilience. Each match was a challenge to overcome, a test of their mettle, and an opportunity to showcase their indomitable spirit. These lessons in tenacity and grit will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavors, both on and off the rugby field.

Our Benjis remain a close-knit family, and the camaraderie between players continues to shine brightly. They understand that success is not solely determined by the final score, but by the bonds of friendship, the collective spirit and the fun in rugby that brings them together.

As they reflect on their journey at the BRC Brakken Toernooi, the Warriors are keenly aware that their achievements extend far beyond medals and trophies. They have embraced the rugby community as their own, drawing inspiration and strength from the values the sport instills – respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Their journey at the BRC Brakken Toernooi is a reminder that victories and defeats are stepping stones on the path of life. The Benji Wassenaar Warriors have learned that while winning is sweet, the lessons learned in adversity and the bonds formed through teamwork and camaraderie are the true treasures of their rugby journey. With their heads held high, they march forward, ready to face whatever challenges the future holds. They are not just a team; they are a community united by the love and fun of the game!

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